Must Have Muay Thai Gear To Enjoy Your Training Sessions

Are you interested in Muay Thai or you’re looking for a type of sport that will train your entire body? Then perhaps you should direct your attention toward Muay Thai. For those that are not that familiar with this sport, it is worth mentioning that Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is the Thai version of boxing. But, apart from traditional boxing, Muay Thai also allows the use of legs, knees, and elbows in combat. It is a rather complex sport, as it is derived from Thai martial arts, which will work out every muscle group in your body.This article focuses on picking the right Muay Thai Gear.

Why Choose Muay Thai?

Why should one practice Muay Thai? This sport really strengthens your entire body. It works your core and legs muscles, increases physical resistance, improves your cardiovascular condition and mobility of your entire body, and, of course, it helps you find relief from stress. So, even if it is a contact sport, you don’t have to get into fights. You can simply enjoy the Muay Thai training to get in shape and improve your overall physical condition. Also, you can very well adjust the level of training according to your needs. You don’t have to perform like a professional Muay Thai sportsperson, if you know that you’re physical condition is not as it should be. But, this sport is such a good choice because, in comparison with other sports, it will provide a complete and complex body workout in each and every session you perform.

Muay Thai Gear Bag

Speaking of practicing Muay Thai, it is worth knowing that you need to have a particular type of Muay Thai Gear in order to enjoy training sessions in a safe and effective manner. If you already practice Muay Thai and think about improving your performances or you’re interested in this sport but you want to make this right, then here is the muay thai gear you should have in your gym bag.

1.  Hand Wraps

You may be tempted to think that you will need boxing gloves for Muay Thai, which is true and we will talk about it later on, but first, you need to get muay thai hand wraps. Ideally, you should have several pairs in your gym bag, as you never know when you may need an extra pair of hand wraps. Why are these wraps so important? Although boxing gloves have a layer of padding meant to protect your hands, adding an extra layer for protection never hurts. Keep in mind that Muay Thai is a contact sport, which means that your hands will have to withstand physical impact in more than one form. In time, this can lead to discomfort in your hands if you don’t protect them adequately.

When practicing a sport like Muay Thai, your hands will suffer impacts from striking the opponent or punching bag and from blocking the strikes of your adversary. Because Muay Thai allows the use of knees, elbows, and legs, the strikes you will block can be rather powerful, even when they are not applied with full strength. Now you can see why hand wraps used an additional safety measure are more than welcome during Muay Thai training sessions. Wear them under your boxing gloves and have your hands well protected all the time.

2.  Muay Thai Gloves

While this could be the first item that should be on your list of muay thai gear that needs to be purchased for Muay Thai, we chose to speak about hand wraps first, as it is a type of gear often overlooked by people that practice this sport. Now that we have this covered, we should move on to boxing gloves. Muay Thai is related to boxing, so you will be using your hands a lot when training for this sport. This makes proper protection necessary, allowing you to avoid unwanted hand injuries.

Many will recommend having at least two pairs of muay thai gloves available, depending on the type of training you’ll go through. For example, when training with a punching bag or pad, a lighter pair of boxing gloves, like a 10-ounce pair, will be more than sufficient. But, you should have a thicker and heavier pair in your bag as well, like a 16-ounce version, for more intense training. No matter how you put it, if you seriously decide to practice Muay Thai, you should invest in a high-quality pair of boxing gloves. This will keep your hands safe no matter what and allow you to perform well during training.

3.  Protective Head Gear

Again, do not forget that Muay Thai is, after all, a combat sport, which means that you will receive kicks during training sessions. Some may target your hand, as part of the moves allowed by the sport is the use of legs. While no one wishes to get injured while training, unfortunate things can happen. Keep your head safe from any injuries with proper headgear. Even if you have great combat partners, wearing headgear will give you the peace of mind that nothing bad will ever occur. You don’t even have to suffer a kick to risk injuring your head. It is enough to trip and fall, risking to hit your head on the floor to end up facing a disaster. So, safety should always be the first thing that comes into your mind, regardless of the kind of sport you are practicing.

When shopping for a muay thai headgear, it would be ideal to try it on before making the final choice. The best muay thai gears, in this case, are the ones that fit snug on your head and around your face, without being too tight or too lose. A piece of gear that is too loose won’t offer the desired degree of protection, while one that is too tight will be uncomfortable and keep you from focusing during training. This is the type of gear that should not miss from your bag, regardless if you are a beginner or experienced at Muay Thai. Getting a concussion during training should be avoided, as it is very unpleasant, not just on the spot, but later as well. You may have to shop around a little until you find the gear that suits you, but it is definitely worth your time and money.

4.  Quality Mouth Guard

While it is not necessary to wear one when training with a punching bag, it is definitely something you need to have in your gym bag. You probably don’t want to train with a bag for your entire life, so you will want to see what it’s like to get in combat when practicing Muay Thai. This is where the muay thai mouth guard comes into the scene. It avoids unpleasant injuries in the area of the mouth, keeping your teeth intact. The last thing you want to do is visit your dentist’s office to have broken teeth repaired. As you may know, such operations cost a lot. So, it is really worth paying the small price required to get a mouth guard rather than just end up spending a lot more on dentist bills. Not to mention the discomfort and pain such muay thai gear will help you avoid as well. Whatever you do, make sure to carry one around in your gym bag each time you head out for another Muay Thai training session.

5.  A Pair Of Shin Guards

We talked about the importance of protecting your hands and head, but now let us move on to the importance of protecting your legs as well. They will also be used during Muay Thai training, your canon bone being rather exposed to injuries. A pair of muay thai shin guards will not just keep your legs protected, but will also protect your combat partners. A strike with the canon bone can be very painful, so wearing protective padding on your legs will reduce the impact of such a hit. This way, a Muay Thai training session will become safe and enjoyable for everybody.

What you need to know about shin guards is that they are available in a wide range of shape and sizes. This means that you will have to take the time to check several out before deciding which one will fit your legs and suit your needs. Ideally, you should try this muay thai gear on, making sure that it fits your legs properly and they are large enough to cover the most important part of your legs during training.

6.  The “Cup”

This type of muay thai gear is very important for men, as a kick to the groin area is not just painful but can also trigger a set of complications. The truth is that this section doesn’t need too many explanations of why should a man get such type of protective muay thai gear. When choosing contact sports, any preventive measure is more than welcome. After all, the whole idea of practicing a sport is to stay in shape, not to undergo all kinds of physical pains and sufferance.

7.  Pads For Knees And Elbows

Joint injuries are probably among the worst kind. It is enough just to gently clash your elbows or knees to feel a good amount of pain. So, you can only imagine what may happen in case the clash is done with a larger level of impact force. Besides this, injured joints take a very long time to heal, time in which you will have your mobility reduced and will have to face constant episodes of pain and discomfort. If we are to decide which of these two types of pads are more important, we will always say that knee pads are a must. Your knees will be more exposed to clashes and injuries than your elbows, although this doesn’t mean that wearing elbow pads aren’t recommended or useful. If possible, minimize all potential risks and wear both the knee and elbow pads. The truth is that elbow pads will protect your opponents as well, saving them from the painful strike of an elbow, regardless of the body part that will get such an impact. These pads will make training effective, allowing you to put some force in your strikes, but make the game safe for everyone.

8.  Ankle Braces

Some may consider this as optional muay thai gear. But if you will end up receiving a kick with the elbow in the instep, you will understand why such braces could be useful. Elbows are sharp and can deliver painful kicks and your instep is not among the hardest parts of your legs. An ankle brace will keep your ankles safe not just in the event of sudden moves, but also in case you will get this area of your legs kicked during training.

9.  Good Quality Athletic Tape

While this may not seem like something important, when you will need its help you will also come to realize that it is the kind of muay thai gear that is worth having around at all times. There are many things you can do with athletic tape, from making sure that your boxing gloves stay snug around your wrists to wrapping a finger that has been sprained, many things can be solved with this tape. If you ask the pros, most of them will have athletic tape in their reach during training sessions, as one never knows when the tape can help improve a situation.

10.  Post Sessions Muscle Relaxer

Practicing a sport is great, but the idea of getting sore muscles after a training session is not appealing to anyone. This can be more frequent in the case of contact sports, so it is always a good idea to have in your gym bag a product that can soothe your muscles fast and effective. Products like namman muay are just what you need. Spray a good quantity of product on your muscles before you start training and whenever you experience sore muscles, and you’ll be in shape in no time.

Now what you know how to properly equip your gym bag for Muay Thai, it is time to enjoy training sessions like a true professional. Muay Thai is great both for men and women, as it has the power to develop lean muscles and help your body achieve not just a balanced weight, but also a much improved physical resistance. One more addition to the top would be mauy thai shorts.