How To Pick The Best Muay Thai Hand Wraps

If you are a beginner of Muay Thai training and still confused about how to wrap your hand, do no worry. Here is everything you would need to know about best muay thai hand wraps, how are they different and how to use them.

Lets Answer The Basic Question First : Why Are Hand Wraps Important ?

Hand wraps are safety equipment. They make sure that you do not end
up with broken knuckles and wrists while punching your opponent.

It is highly advised that you wear hand wraps before you put on boxing gloves to avoid any spraining, bruising or any other kind of physical damage to your knuckles and

Muay Thai Hand Wrap Protection

Your hands are the most important parts in this combat sport and you
cannot go reckless with that. Every punch and every hit has its own impact on
your body.

The punches you throw on your opponent also have an adverse effect
on your body. You cannot risk injuring your hands because that would mean a huge drawback in your training and its not fun having bruised/ achy hands in your daily life.

How To Have Your Hands Wrapped?

It is important to know how to use a hand wrap that efficiently serves its purpose.

There are two ways of wrapping hands in Muay Thai combats:

1. The first method is a very traditional combat sport of wrapping. The hand wraps
are wrapped to provide with sufficient support for the wrists. The objective is
to be sure that your wrists can stand solid against punches. It needs to be
supportive of one strong fist without causing any damage.

2. The second method is a popular traditional time-consuming Thai method followed
by many combat fighters in this arena. A cushion is made all around the
knuckles of each wraps which is then covered with a hand wrap. The cushion is
the extra-padded knuckle security, especially if you use small-sized gloves.
You need to roll your wraps before to ensure maximum security. This method is
followed by most Muay Thai combat fighters.

Common Mistakes While Using Hand Wraps

Here are 5 common mistakes that most Muay Thai beginners make while hand-wrapping:

  • Tightness- Be careful about the tightness of your hand wrap. Most beginners tie the wraps too tight which cuts off their blood circulation.

Looseness- Obviously, tying them loose will not help you either. Your wraps will keep falling off and that will only interrupt your training annoyingly.

Upside-down- Hand wraps have their up and down sides. Notice the sides by rolling it to observe how the loop goes.

Support failure- This is a dangerous flaw. If there are not enough loops on your wrist, your wrist might get harmed during training due to insufficient support.

Ignoring the thumb- Do not avoid wrapping the thumb. It is important since it keeps it at the correct place.

How To Choose Correct And Best Pair Of Hand Wraps?

There are two categories of hand wraps that you will find in the market:

1. Elastic Cotton hand wraps:

These are a flexible set of hand wraps. When you wear them they will provide your wrist with a flex to ensure that they fit perfectly around your fist.

2. Non-Elastic Cotton hand wraps:

These are somewhat more efficient than the former hand wraps. They are long-lasting since they are not stretchable, which means you do not need to keep investing on hand-wraps again and over again. They can be a little more pricey than the elastic hand wraps but rather
than spending repeatedly on the same product, it is more advisable to spend on
one product that will last way more than other products combined.

best muay thai wraps

The quality of hand wraps depends on how much you can invest in them. Cheap products often provide low-quality material that do not provide satisfactory results.
Instead, you can spend a little more to buy better quality hand wraps that will
run a long way.

For some, training twice or thrice a week, they might go on for
a long-term lasting upto several years of training and for some who follow a
more vigorous training routine of more than multiple times 6 days a week, they
might need a more frequent change of hand wraps.

Where To Buy The Best Hand Wraps?

Shopping can be quite a chore if you don’t know where to buy your products from. To make
your workload cut short, we have come up with a list best Muay Thai hand
wraps you can buy.


These pair of elastic bands from Title are spectacular. They are custom fit and made with a combination of polyester and spandex.


These elastic full-length cotton hand wraps from Fairtex soft and flexible that enable a free movement to your wrists without causing any damage. They are well-constructed and non-bulky. Built for long-term purposes, the Fairtex hand wraps provide a firm support to your wrists and also, protect your knuckles from any damage.


The MTF hand wraps are meant for both professionals and amateurs. They come in a wide range of colour codes. Made of stretchable polyester material along with cotton and spandex, these hand wraps are lightweight and provide with a firm fit and support for your
wrists and knuckles.


These Muay Thai elastic hand wraps by Pro-Impact are durable and machine-washable. The hand wraps are provided with secure hooks for your fist and thumbs for a more
perfect fit. These hand wraps can be used also for other combat sports like
kick-boxing, boxing and Martial Arts. These hand wraps are available with over
more than a dozen color choices.


These elastic hand wraps by Twins Special are made of
soft flexible cotton material with a thumb-hole for easy wrapping.

Combat sport equipment are put through a lot of harsh situations. You need to make
sure that your equipment stands against abuse and time, so that you would not
need to keep spending on your product constantly.